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who wants? (read it all)

Who wants this jacket?

I know it's a little blurry but you can basically see what it looks like, and if you want you can create alook of me andsee it, just search up NadineMoon. And by the way if you want the jacket you need to trade a baseball jacket of any kind with me, although if i don't like it, you don't get this jacket!


Good luck in da final on Sunday! we all know yer good 'nuff to win!

He comes from glenties man,
he's winning plenty man,
he got more medals than an olympian chinaman,
we beaten kerry man,
we beaten derry man,
we beaten anyone we meeting in the final man.

His destiny is not just written in the sand,
he got a plan, he no lucky lucky man.

Jimmy's winning matches, Jimmy's winning games,
 Jimmy's bringing Sammy back to Donegal again!

 He's not from Senegal, he comes from Donegal, if you want a mighty player Jimmy got them all, he got McFadden man, he got Murphy man, he got McHugh he got McBrearty he got Lacey man! jimmy's winning matches.

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which is the best

Just vote in comments which is the best, and I'll wear it.

Ok, so which 1 do you think is the best, 1,2,3,4,5,6?

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Claudine Chapter 2


Chapter two

Claudine lay on her bed with her had buried in her pillow. She was still shocked from finding out she was a vampire. She rolled over onto her back and said: "How can this be happening to ME of all people, I like going outside and going to the duck pond, My favourite colour is yellow, I faint at the sight of blood! How can I be a vampire!" Then she decided she didn't believe she was vampire. Claudine rose out of her bed and walked downstairs. She saw her 'parents' in the living room but there was no sign of Rochelle.
"Mum, dad? Where’s Rochelle?" she asked calmly, while sitting down on an arm chair. Her parents looked at her.
"She's gone to get a vampire to perform your transformation ritual!" replied her 'mum'. Claudine stared for a minute, while pondering how to put her reply. Finally she settled on something simple.
"Well, she needn't bother." was what she said. her 'parents' looked at her, astonished!
"But, Claudine, we told you, you HAVE to transform tonight. otherwise well, you'll die!" said her 'father' quite rapidly as well. Claudine smiled at them.

"Daddy! Ok the joke was funny, but you can stop now!" she said.
"Oh hunny, I thought we'd been through this! You're a vampire! Deal with it!" said her mother, kindly but Claudine could see the irritation in her eyes.
"Mum! It's getting annoying now!" said Claudine, annoyed. Her mother just flew of the rail!
"O MY GOD! YOU STUPID LITTLE GIRL! I'M NOT YOUR MOTHER! YOUR MOTHERS DEAD! AND YOUR A VAMPIRE SO JUST SUCK IT UP YOU LITTLE IDIOT!" she stood up and towered over Claudine. Claudine cowered back in fear. She definitely knew she was a vampire now.
"OK! Fine I believe you! Just get away from me! And for the record I'm glad you're not my mother!" She said the words so harshly that Mrs. Hettigan stumbled back, tears flowing from her eyes. Claudine gasped, at the realisation of the meanness of her words. She ran out of the house, at super speed once again. She knew where she was going..
Once she reached the forest centre she sat down and leaned back against a tree and cried. "Why did I say those things?" she asked herself. She looked up towards the sky and said; "God, if you really do exist HELP ME. Tell my mother I'm sorry! An please stop my vampire transformation" she pleaded. A leave fell from a branch of the tree she was leaning against and landed on her lap. Claudine stared at it curiously.
"What are you doing?" Claudine looked up and saw Rochelle standing there with a pale man. The man wore blood red clothing and the minute he saw Claudine he bore his fangs. Claudine gasped and jumped back, knocking the leave out of her lap. "Relax, this is Boris, He's going to be doing your ritual, now come on, quick before the slayers see us, lay low in the trees for a while though!" Claudine looked at Rochelle.
"Why" she asked. Rochelle gave her a look that told her 'stupid question'. She pointed towards Boris.
"Vampire!" she pointed to herself "Vampire!". Claudine’s mouth turned into an O shape as she realise her sister and Boris would turn to ash in the sun. Claudine got up and left the leave on the ground. Little did she realise that leaf held something. The leaf said ‘Destiny’…………
The three of them made their way towards the opening of the forest but they had to keep cover as the sun wasn’t down just yet.
Once the sunset was over Rochelle, Boris and Claudine made their way towards Rochelle, and Claudine’s house. Once there Boris and Mr. Hettigan began talking while Claudine escaped to her room.
Rochelle, noticing her sister’s quite behaviour, and quick dashing to her room, tactfully followed Claudine. Once inside her room she asked; “What’s wrong” In a slow, low calm voice.
Claudine jumped and turned around to face her sister. “Please stop doing that Rochy?” she asked. Rochelle glared for a minute.
“Stop calling me Rochy and we’ve got a deal, so what’s up?” Agreed Rochelle. Claudine just looked at her and sat down on her bed. “Scared of the change?” inquired Rochelle. Claudine looked at her and nodded.
“Yeah, but I said some stuff to mum, I told her I was glad she wasn’t my real mother” said Claudine sadly. Rochelle walked over and sat down beside Claudine. She was a bit confused at mortal emotion at first but then she answered.
“Well, maybe you could tell her you were ummm what’s the word? Oh yeah ‘sorry’. Have you tried that?” Asked Rochelle.
“No I ran out of the house straight to the forest. Last time I saw her, she was crying” said Claudine sadly. Rochelle made a smart suggestion for once in her undead life.
“You could always tell her now, before you transform and you know, die!” said Rochelle rather UN-tactfully. Claudine glared at her before saying something about wanting to go to sleep. Rochelle got up out of the bed, and disappeared in a fast blur. Claudine lay down on her bed to take a nap. It took a while but she eventually got to sleep.
“CLAUDINE! CLAUD! COME ON CLAUD!” Claudine awoke to Rochelle shaking her and calling her name. “It’s almost midnight, come on.” She grabbed Claudine’s arm and they went speeding into their backyard.
“Don’t do that Rochelle, I’m not used to going THAT fast yet!” said Claudine trying to un-dizzy herself. Then she looked and saw a red circle, with a pile of symbols written inside it.
“Stand in the centre!” growled the vampire, Boris. Claudine did as she was told. Rochelle started telling her things.
“The transformation will be very painful. VERY VERY painful, because you are dieing, but your not quite dieing at the same time. Do you understand. Ok I thought not! Just remember, when all of this is over you will never die again!” Rochelle thought she was helping but she just make Claudine tremble even more. Claudine was petrified. “I changed my mind, Don’t make me do this! PLEASE” she turned to run away from the circle but her feet were stuck. “MUM? DAD? PLEASE!? ROCHELLE! HELP ME! PLEASE! I’M BEGGING YOU!” she screamed for all she was worth but they would not help her.
“Princess, you’ll die and you’ll never see any of us again if we don’t make you do this. We’re sorry!” screamed her dad. Claudine stared at him, she had tears in her eyes and you could see hurt and betrayal in her chocolate brown eyes. She twisted and turned, and screamed for all she was worth. The wind blew her soft blonde hair in all directions.
“Ten seconds ‘til midnight” said Boris. Claudine looked around and made one last feeble attempt for help.
“Please?” she cried, her throat hoarse from pleading. “Please?” Her eyes were glistening and her body stood limp. “Don’t do this to me!” Mrs. Hettigan could take it no more she was ready to try and save Claudine but Boris’ watch struck midnight and one moon ray came flying down and hit Claudine squarely in the face! She screamed in pain! Another ray came down and burst through her heart and came out through her back. “AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” screamed Claudine. She threw her head back and screamed. No matter how much she wanted it to, the pain would not stop. More rays came down and hit her. The pain was like a thousand sharp knives piercing through her body, while she was being branded by a red hot poker and her body was being pulled apart, limb by limb. Her screaming grew stronger!
Mrs. Hettigan had tears in her yes and could not watch, she buried her head into her husbands chest and cried. Dr. Hettigan wasn’t coping much better himself.
Rochelle was ready to run up to her sister and pull her away from the rays but Boris read her mind.
“Don’t!” he demanded. Still, more rays hit her and she screamed. The pain became unbearable and Claudine blacked out…..
When Claudine woke up, all the pain she had felt was gone, She felt Powerful! She sat up In what she thought was her bed but it turned out to be a coffin. She looked around and realised she wasn’t in her room. She looked towards the door and saw Rochelle standing there.
“Welcome to my room” she said. Claudine raised her eyebrows and looked around yet again. It was definitely her sisters room. The walls were a dark purple, and the carpet a midnight black. The walls were plastered in black, red and purple posters. Some of vampires. Some saying ‘death’ and some just plain violent. There was a pitch black wooden wardrobe in the corner and one of the walls had full wall sized curtains blocking out the huge window. “It’s daylight so don’t even think about opening the curtains” said Rochelle. Claudine climbed out of the coffin and looked at her sister. Rochelle pointed to Claudines hair and she took it around in her hand. The first thing she noticed was her hair was no longer a lovely blonde, but a pitch midnight black, exactly like Rochelle’s. It was cut just below her shoulders. Then she noticed her hands were a ghostly white. “You can’t see them, but your eyes are a blood red too”. Claudine gasped. Her life as a vampire was going to be a long one.

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(My Story) Claudine! Chapter 1

Chapter 1
The sun shone brightly down on the streets of Ketusberg. Not A sound could be heard in the neighbourhood of Chestnut Grove except the bids singing. In number 6 Chestnut Grove 1 girl was just waking up...
Claudine heard her alarm go of and sat up groggily in bed. Then she leapt out of her bed and ran to her window. She drew back the curtains and opened the window. Claudine took one big look outside while thinking 'It's my birthday'. Then she walked to the bathroom.
When she came out of the bathroom she saw her older sister Rochelle standing at the wall and giving Claudine her usual death glare. Claudine gasped. "Don't do that Rochelle! you scared me!"
"I was meant to you little weasel!" then she stalked away towards her bedroom but not befre turning back to say; "oh and happy birthday" then she entered her bedroom an slammed the door shut.
'Weird' thought Claudine 'She Never remebers my birthday!' Then she went to her room to get ready for school. She wore a light blue short seeved jacket, a white t-shirt, white shorts and her blue flip-flops.
When she went downstairs she saw her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Hettigan, sitting at the kitchen table whispering to Rochelle.
Rochelle hardly ever spoke to hr parents so Claudin thought it wierd that she was having a whispered conversation with them. Rochelle was a goth. She had been eer sice she came back from the boarding school she started when she was 13.
"Oh happy bithday princess!" said Dr. Hettigan. Her mother wished her a happy thirteenth birthday and then her father said 'Princess, we need to talk"
"Sorry dad, I'll be late" replied Claudine while grabbing her schoolbag and a slice of toast. The she ran out of the house before either of her parents could object.
Claudine knew she had plenty of time before she had to be at school but she wanted to stop by the duckpond. The Pond was only a few minutes walk from her house. When she got there she sat on a bench and began to continue her sketch of the old castle by the pond.
After a while she realised she only had 15 minutes to get to school, so she began to run. Claudine had never been fast but this time it was as if she had flown to school. She arrived there in 10 minutes, and immediately noticed her red sun burnt arms. 'Weird I've never been sun burnt in my life, I usually just slightly tan'  Then she noticed her best friend Emily running up to her.

"HI! Oh look your sun burnt, come on, I have some sun cream in my locker" the Emily dragged Claudine of to her locker. After Claudine smeared sun cream on her arms, she and Emil talked for a little while. The bell rang then the two girls went of t their separate classes.
Claudine had Home economics.
"OK class, I want you to make anything you want using the ingredients in front of you! You time starts NOW!" said her teacher once they all were settled. Claudine looked in front of her and saw all her ingredients, there was bread, jam, garlic 'Yuck, garlic!' She thought. 'Weird, I used to love garlic' She thought. Then she made an apple tart.

Claudines last class of the day was art Her teacher told the class to make a self portrait of themselves using the mirrors on their desks. Claudine puck up her mirror and gasped! Her reflecting was fading! Claudine stared at the mirror for a few more seconds before grabbing her things and running out of the classroom, and out of the school, ignoring her teachers calls.
Eventually she reached the school exit and ran out the door. She almost flew home once again. Once she was inside her house she leaned with her back against the door and breathed heavily. She couldn't understand what was happening. 'Ok, first I'm super fast, and then I hate garlic and now my reflections fading? And all this happened overnight? I don't think so!' Her thoughts were interrupted by her father coming out of the living room and staring at his daughter.
Claudine thought she was in big trouble but all DR. Hettigan did was gesture towards the living room. She quickly hurried in the living room not wanting to be in even more trouble. She was surprised to see Rochelle there. Rochelle was meant to leave for boarding school that morning.
"Why are you here Rochelle?" asked Claudine, rather rudely too. Rochelle glared.
"Charming! Anyways let me guess, Your fast? You have a fading reflection, and you ummmmmm hate garlic?" asked Rochelle. Claudine narrowed her eyes and stared at her sister. She was confused.

"How do you know?" she asked Rochelle, quite suspiciously too.
"Cause he same thing happened to me!" replied Rochell quite matter of fact.

"Explain, NOW!" said Claudine glancing round at her parents.
"OK Claudine, we're about o tell you something very important, and you have to promise not o interrupt me during all of this" said Dr. Hettigan "OK? Good, now, more than 16 years ago your mother and I met a young couple and became very close to them. Then we found out a secret about them, they were vampires! And the vampires were currently in a war with the slayers. The slayers were killing them of one by one. We agreed to take them in because they were our friends and they had a 3 year old daughter. Their names were Kiki and Margdoss. Kiki and Margdoss knew they weren't going to make it out of he war alive and so they asked us to take their daughter in when they were gone. We agreed. Then Kiki had another daughter, and the night after their second born child was born the slayers invaded our house, someone had snitched on kiki and Margdoss. The slayers slayed them but they didn't touch the girls because they didn't know if they were vampires or not and because we were mortals they left us alone. Once they were gone we go a vampire to help us block out the girls powers until their thirteenth birthday. 3 years ago the first born child turned thirteen and went to a boarding school that was training vampires to protect themselves in the war against the slayers. And today is their second born child's birthday. Claudine, you and Rochelle are Kiki and Margdoss' daughters" said Dr. Hettigan.
Claudine stared at him for a minute and then giggled. "That was funny and I'm sure you've gone to a lot of trouble to put this prank together but you can stop now!" she said.
Rochelle got up and grabbed Claudine ruffly by the shoulders and dragged her to the mirror.

"Look you little idiot! Your reflection is FADING! And can you see me? No!" said Rochelle. Claudine stared at the mirror an knew her sister was right. Even though her sister was standing in front of the mirror she didn't have a reflection.

"Darling, tonight at midnight, the moons rays will come down and hit you. You will fully transform into a vampire and I'm sorry to say but It'll be very painful, almost unbearable!" said mrs. Hettigan.

Claudine trembled in fear and then haded up to her room to think about everything she had just heard.

Ok How was it? I know theres alot of spelling mistakes and stuff in it but my keyboard isnt workin properly so sorry.